The Dreamer. – Lily & Noah


What a dream… I couldn’t not start with that saying that. But truly, I honestly wish I had invested in this product when Noah was a new born. There’s are so many features of this cot that make it a dream for parents to use.


Style is a critical feature for lots of parents now; with the abundance of images posted daily on social media- I’m sure we all feel the pressure to have a modern stylish nursery for our little bundles of joy. And, those little bundles of joy have no idea on how lucky they are not to have some of the bedrooms we probably had! The grey matte finish on the travel cot means that this would be the perfect addition to any room no matter what the décor.


This travel cot looks sleek and stylish; but the look isn’t the only offering. The most wonderful feature for my lifestyle is that it has two wheels to allow transportation with minimal disturbance. This means if your little one is sound asleep and the location of the cot isn’t ideal, without hassle, you can move them. A very slight lift on one end of the cot, allows it to be moved wherever you need it. For me; I push the cot up against the wall, near to a radiator- but if Noah falls asleep, I move it away just incase it gets too hot for him. Another issue I face is when in the kitchen, I use the cot to keep the baby safe and penned in, but the sun light often hits the cot- again with minimal issues, I can manoeuvre it without trying to lift it up with the baby inside.


This travel cot has a bassinet adjustment which can be use for newborns and until baby’s can sit unaided. This would be a wonderful help to allow sleeping newborns to continue to sleep but  parents to carry on with daily chores. We all know there isn’t a washing up fairy; so with the easy move aspect you can carry on.



The soft padded handle bars which surround the cot are key as children grow. This is ideal to ensure little hands are safe and teeth bite on something gentle. The difference: I have seen other branded travel cots which are surrounded by thin mental bars; which have a very thin sheeting on top which has two issues in my opinion- 1.They are often very cold or if against a radiator get dangerously hot which isn’t nice for the hands and faces that are often pushed up-against them 2. When teething kicks in; everything goes in their mouths-biting directly on to nearly unprotected metal isn’t ideal for any baby nor is it in my opinion safe or little growing teeth. Which is where the dreamers padded sides and edges mean they are more baby friendly and one less issue for parents to consider.


My house seems to have toys in every room; I have lovely wicker baskets to house them to make them look nicer! The dreamer has two good sized pockets on the side which allows toys to live discreetly- however, if was to use this for a newborn; you could keep nappies, wipes, creams, muslin cloths, blankets and comforters in so they are on hand. This is a well thought out cot- another Red Kite product that children love and designed to help parents.


This travel cot continues to help me on my journey in motherhood; it gives me the chance to fold it up into a small compact unit in its own carry case to take it on my travels and is strong, robust and solid.  I rely on Red Kite for sensible, well made, high quality, children focused products that make my life as a mother easier- I couldn’t recommend them enough.