The Push Me Cube




By Lily & Noah

In anticipation of the cube we gave the lovely Lily & Noah the opportunity to take one for a test drive! Here is what they had to say!


A well designed, parent and child considered stroller.

The design of this stroller was the first thing that attracted me. The bright coloured hoods and the side bars in matching colours were instantly striking. The three colour ways means that everyone is catered to; the iconic Jaffa, the girly Hot Pink and the stylish Steel for those neutral lovers. Each colour option gives parents a chance to show their individual style and not blend in with the crowds.

The functionality is simple; I mastered it within minutes. The hood is a great feature to allow protection from the sun whilst keeping a great stylish look. The simple click folding system is easy to get the hang of and ultimately allows very simple putting up and down. The test for me is if I can put a pushchair up and down with a clingy child in one arm and only having one arm free. I was so pleased that this passed that hard test.

The seat adjustability is a clip, once released, the seat will recline to a full lie down position. This feature is important as every parent knows how precious sleeping moments are. The sizing of the chair is great; there is plenty of room for resting heads to sprawl out and arms to be thrown up! The harness is secure and well designed, each strap; 2 arms and 2 waist has its own adjustability clips which means you can tailor it to your child’s size. A good sized basket is located at the bottom of the pushchair; the handle bar is soft and smooth and feels luxurious to push.

The manoeuvrability of the stroller is 360 degrees; there was no angle I could not move it in. The small wheels were put to the test on road, cobbles and field terrain and it came out sparkling in all areas. Even a very uneven field didn’t stop this stroller from strolling away.

14334612_813445902128327_3856073693352427520_n My favourite features;

  • Striking Look
  • Simple click operation for folding and unfolding
  • Secure and adjustable harness
  • Ease of movement
  • Small compact folding

The design of the Push Me Cube, to me, is where the pushchair meets stroller and all the critical features of both have been combined. I’ve never been a stroller fan, not one even the extremely expensive strollers caught my eye. The Push Me Cube has completely changed my mind; the design, function and ease of use has allowed a whole new chapter in our adventures. This stroller is not one to be missed.

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The Cube coming this November from Red Kite Baby.